Information in English on translations of this Swedish website
The statistics tell us, that this site is visited by quite a large number of people from outside of Sweden.
Naturally, this is most pleasing and a great kick for us. There is one bad thing about it though - our conscience,
since we have very few translations into English.


Encouraged by so many guests, we will try our best in the future
to get some of this website translated.

The part of the site that seems to be of interest to foreign viewers are the pages about LYRICS by Bosse Carlgren, so that's where we will begin.

So many things to do, and time runs so quickly... We are confident that soon we will catch up, since some of us have already reached the Middle Ages.


This photo by Mats Hemlin/Hemlins Foto portrays COB's nestor, Bosse Carlgren, during Medieval Week in Visby wearing a pair of spectacular spectacles, the "S:t Hans-Brillan", a contemporary design in medieval style by Harrieth Engberg, Linser o Bågar


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